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Office Installation Error | Tech Support Guy – Delete the APPMODEL registry subkey

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Troubleshooting – Palisade Knowledge Base

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Harassment is any behavior intended to disturb or upset a person or group of people. Threats include any threat of suicide, violence, or harm to another. Aug 15,  · Rename theSoftwareDistributionfolder to Close all the windows then click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run. Copy and paste the following text in the Open field and then press Enter. fsutil resource setautoreset true C:\. Restart the computer then try to install Office Feb 05,  · Whole error code is: Error an error occured during the installation of assembly component {CB1-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E} HRESULT 0xFD The main reason why this error occurred is corruption or missing Framework.

Error when installing Microsoft Office , on Windows 7, 10


Applies to: All Palisade products that run as Excel add-ins. When I start one of your products, I get “compile error in hidden module”. If you have a beta version of Google Desktop, this is a known issue. To fix the problem, simply download and install a later version of Google Desktop. If you have an early version of Excel XP, this is a known issue.

Please download and install the service pack for Excel XP from Microsoft’s site. If the above suggestions don’t apply to you or don’t resolve the problem, please follow the suggestions in Find and Fix Startup Conflicts Excel — or Find and Fix Startup Conflicts Excel and Earlier.

Most likely this is a conflict with another add-in or with one of your own startup files. Please see the appropriate article for your version of Excel:. If you have ruled out startup conflicts, it’s possible that an Excel or RISK file has become corrupted. Applies to: All Palisade add-ins for Excel. Could not attach to the already running copy of Microsoft Excel because it is invisible or unresponsive.

Here are the two causes and cures. Most likely, there is an instance of Excel running in the background that needs to be stopped. To do this:. If this is an ongoing problem, you should investigate what is spawning these background processes of Excel.

For example, some releases of certain third-party Excel add-ins create background processes of Excel and do not terminate them properly. This can happen when another Excel add-in or startup file takes too long to start, so that RISK eventually gives up waiting for a response from Excel.

You can fix this in any of three ways:. Solution 1: Disable the other startups, them add them back one at a time to determine which one is the problem. Solution 3: Start Excel yourself. This has the disadvantage that you have to do it every time, but it doesn’t require you to reconfigure Excel as Solutions 1 and 2 do.

Could not contact the Microsoft Excel application. Applies to: The DecisionTools Suite 4. I purchased a textbook and installed the software. But when I try to launch it, I get this error message:. Your textbook software is release 4.

We have released quite a few versions since then, and you need the current release. Uninstall the 4. Visit our textbook software page and enter your book’s digit ISBN. If your book is supported, you will be guided to download and install the current software. If your book is not supported, and you’ve carefully verified the ISBN, please send a note to our Academic Sales Manager and explain the situation.

Please include the following:. Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, all releases. When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools I get this error message:. Could not launch the Excel executable. If your maintenance contract is current, make sure that you have applied the latest updates for the Palisade products in which this error is occurring.

After applying the update, re-test the problem. If the problem persists, you can force the Palisade product to launch Excel by specifying the path to the Excel.

When I try to launch my software, I get the message. DLL” Textbook Software. If you upgraded commercial software from 4. You previously had a 4. Since the actual add-in file no longer exists on your computer, you get this error.

The solution is to remove the add-in from the list, as follows:. Delete from list? I installed the software from the CD without a problem. But when I try to launch my software, I get the message. Any other copy of our software on CD is likely to be several years out of date. Please follow this procedure to unload the obsolete software and install current software for your course work:. Please follow this link to select your textbook download the software.

You will use your textbook to answer a question and unlock the download. If your textbook and specific edition are not shown there, please email Palisade Technical Support. Give the full title and edition number of the textbook, and we will send you a download link.

Email only, please; we’re unable to do this by phone or in live chat. Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, releases 5. When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools, I get this error message:.

Could not start the Microsoft Excel application. This can happen after you upgrade Excel or the Palisade software, depending on the exact sequence of events. First, verify that Palisade software is installed on the same computer or server as Excel; you can’t run our software on your computer with Excel on the Web or otherwise in the cloud. Then, try double-clicking an. XLSX file to verify that Excel is properly set up to open them.

If those checks succeed, then any of the following options will solve “Could not start the Microsoft Excel application”:. Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost. If you Google the error message, you will find numerous references to this message in various Microsoft Office programs. In a Project context, it appears your Global.

If you don’t have any customizations in Global. If the above shorter solution doesn’t work for you, or if you have customizations that you don’t want to lose, please try this solution that we found in an article at Tech Republic. Essentially you will delete and recreate the Global.

Applies to: Palisade software releases 5. When I try to launch the software, I get the error message. Something is stopping the license service from running. If you have a Windows policy setting that allows only specified executables, verify that PalFlexServer5. Click Start » Run, type Services. If it’s Disabled, right-click it, select Properties, and set it to Manual. When I try to launch the software from a desktop icon or start menu shortcut, I get this message:.

Depending on which product you launch, there may be additional text, but “Error in loading DLL” is the key phrase. You may unintentionally be loading multiple copies of RISK. NET may not be registered properly. Please follow the procedure to re-register Visual Basic 6 Runtime. If the software runs now, you have solved the problem.

If the problem still occurs, your System Registry may contain one or more references to a version of Excel that no longer exists on your computer. See also: Microsoft. Applies to: All Palisade software releases 5. When I try to run my Palisade software, I get the message. In Computer or My Computer , navigate to the Palisade installation folder, then open the System folder under the Palisade folder. The full path is shown in the error message.

Follow the repair procedure in Repair of Palisade Software. If the above does not work, check your Local Settings folder and make sure that it has not been set to read only. Everything was working fine, but I upgraded to Windows 8.

Help » License Manager tells me “Failure: License is broken. Windows 10 updates, or upgrading a computer to Windows 8. The upgrade should have no effect on certificate licenses, including textbook and course licenses. It should also have no effect on network client licenses, though a network server license may be broken.

First, make sure that your existing software is compatible with your new version of Windows. If they are not compatible, you will need to upgrade your Palisade software.

Please contact your Palisade sales manager to enter the order for the upgrade; if you have current maintenance there will be no charge. Contact information for all our sales offices is here. When you have compatible Palisade software, the fix for a broken license is usually straightforward. Please don’t try to reactivate your license. Instead, you have two options. If your license is standalone version 6. There’s one procedure for software releases starting with 7. Otherwise, please email Palisade Technical Support for the license repair procedure, and include your Activation ID or a screen shot of License Manager in your email.

Please use email rather than the phone for this issue. We need to send you specific instructions for repairing your license, and while they’re not difficult they do include some commands for you to copy and paste.

Do-It-Yourself Repair 7. Isn’t this something I can fix myself? A new dialog will open. Click View. A Notepad window will open. Repeat in step 5. Yes, you should be able to. First, try the Repair button in License Manager. It will attempt to communicate with our server to perform an Automatic Repair. If you get a success message, ignore the rest of this article. If the Repair button fails , please see the attached instructions to perform a manual repair.

If you don’t have a Repair button , please see Broken License? Applies to: All 6. I installed the 6. Authorization failure.

There are several possible causes. The first thing is to determine whether the problem is on the client or the server, or on your network between them. If no clients can run, especially if they used to be able to run, the problem is likely to be on the server rather than the clients.

Please follow the troubleshooting tips in this first section. Look at Server Manager’s display to verify that a network license has been activated and is still current. Check the server firewall settings to ensure that the server lets Palisade. See also Network Ports and Firewalls. Make sure that the license process is running on the server. If the status display does not contain “Palisade UP”, the license process is not running. In that case, click the magnifying glass in lower left, and then the View button, and look at the last few lines of the display to see the failure reason.

Most likely it s a port-number conflict. If you have other FLEXnet software licenses from other vendors running on the same server, verify that they are not using the same lmgrd ports as Palisade. The best way to do this is to leave them all unspecified. But if you specify any of the lmgrd ports, you must specify all of the lmgrd ports, and they must be unique.

As for vendor daemon ports, we don’t recommend that you specify any, but if you do then you don’t need to specify all of them. For any vendor daemon ports that you do specify, stay away from ports that you specified for lmgrd or for any other software from Palisade or any other vendor, and stay away from the range — if lmgrd ports are unspecified.

If you have manually edited your Server. We strongly recommend that you never edit this file directly. Instead, use Server Manager to set ports. If other clients can run, either this client’s settings or network connections are more likely to be the problem. The remainder of this article will help you troubleshoot them.

On the server, launch Server Manager. The first line of the display gives the server name. The communication port is given a line or two below that. On the client, in License Manager, click Select License » Concurrent Network and it will show you the server name it is trying to reach and the port number it is trying to use.

The server name on the client should match the host name in Server Manager. There are some unusual exceptions, where network administrators use fully qualified domain names or IP addresses on clients.

If the server specifies a port number, the client must be using that port. If the server port is dynamic, the client port must also be dynamic. If anything doesn’t match, click Edit on the client screen and make the necessary changes.

Client software 7. For more, see “Do I need to install a new version of Server Manager? If a client is upgraded to 7. This will solve the problem for that client, and won’t create a problem for any clients still at 7.

You can test whether a given port is open by using PowerShell v4 or newer or Telnet:. You need at least PowerShell v4 Windows 8. In PowerShell, type a command in the form. If you don’t have the needed version of PowerShell, you can still use Telnet.

Telnet requires a Telnet client on the client computer and a Telnet server on the server. These are part of Windows, but by default they’re disabled in recent versions of Windows. The licensing software uses a second port, called the vendor daemon port.

Problems with this port, in the absence of problems with the LMGRD port, are extremely rare but when other issues have been eliminated you should check for them.

Click the magnifying-glass icon at lower left, then the View button. Scroll down near the bottom to find the “Palisade using tcp-port”. On the client, repeat the above Telnet or PowerShell test but specify the “Palisade using tcp-port” number. If you’re checking firewall logs, be aware that the client typically uses a different port to communicate with this server’s vendor daemon port. If you have an issue with this port, you will need to adjust your firewall settings; see server firewall information in Network Ports and Firewalls.

If so, you might need to use a fully qualified domain name, portnumber servername. The client computer’s firewall should allow PalFlexServer6. See client firewall information in Network Ports and Firewalls. Most clients are fine with the default FLEXnet timeout of 0. If you’ve eliminated client configuration issues, you may have a timeout problem.

Please follow the procedure in “Unable to load Explanation of the error: Code -1 means that a license could not be read for this product. Some of the possible causes:. Problem: I activated successfully, but when I try to run the software again I get the error message. Solution: Your activation ID is for one product, but you have installed a different product.

Look at the second line of the message, and the Feature name will tell you what you have actually installed. Compare this with your license and you will see the difference. To solve this problem, follow these steps:. Or, if you can’t figure this out, please send an email to Technical Support with your Activation ID and a screen shot of the error message, and we will help you. Applies to: All products, Concurrent Network client software, release 7.

Palisade release 7. Client end user software releases 7. If you have an older server release, IT staff should contact Palisade Technical Support for the latest server setup installer. Please include the network software serial number with your request. Problem: The license process is running on the server, Palisade Server Manager shows that there are licenses available. But when I try to run the Concurrent Network software on a client, I get the error message.

FLEXnet returned error code —7: No socket connection to license server manager. Applies to: Palisade Concurrent Network software, releases 6. When I try to launch my software, I get this message:. This is probably a port-number conflict, which must be resolved by your server administrator.

There could be a conflict in LMGRD ports between this client and your license server, or one port used two ways on your license server. If you specify a port for any FLEXnet-licensed application, that port must not be used in any other way on the same server. If the LMGRD port is unspecified on the server, make certain that nothing else is using any of ports — On the server, the simplest setup is to set both the LMGRD port number and the vendor daemon port number as dynamic unspecified.

It’s also okay to specify one but leave the other as dynamic, or to specify both. If you do specify both, they must be different. Vendor daemon ports can be mixed between specified and unspecified, but you can’t specify the same vendor daemon port for two FLEXnet applications.

Solution: Most likely you did not have sufficient privilege when running the installer. To resolve the problem, do not uninstall the software but repeat the install as follows:. When I launch the software, it loads Excel but then I get this error:. This error is nothing to do with your license; it’s a problem in the FLEXnet licensing software itself. Somehow it has been corrupted. This happens rarely, and we’re not sure why. It may be certain Windows updates, or it may be something else.

The simplest way to solve the corruption is to uninstall the software and reinstall it. Please follow this procedure—you’ll need full administrative rights. In Control Panel » Programs and Features, uninstall the software. Important: If you get a prompt about deactivating the software, continue the uninstall but do not deactivate.

Reinstall the software. If you need a link to the right installer, contact Palisade Technical Support and include your serial number with your request. Important: On the Customer Information screen during install, change “day trial” to “I am upgrading or reinstalling.

Check the lmgrd log file, or try lmreread. I have a standalone copy of the software, not a network client. Were you running the 6.

It had a special form of license, which expired in March After that date, you might get this error message when you try to run the software. To solve this, please go to our Free Trial Versions page and select your product. Download and install it. During install, on the Customer Information screen, select “I am upgrading or reinstalling” and leave the Activation ID box blank. If you have current maintenance, the new install will pick up your activation.

Otherwise, it will install as a trial, and if you decide to purchase you will be able to activate it without reinstalling the software. Applies to: All Concurrent Network products, releases 5. This message means that the client could communicate with an LMGRD program on the server, but could not communicate with the Palisade.

This could be caused by configuration problems on your server or your clients. Your first question is, does this happen on all clients, or are some clients able to run? A server problem will affect all clients.

A client problem could affect all clients or only some clients, depending on whether some clients are configured correctly and some incorrectly. Affects all clients Misplaced license file. You should have PalisadeNetwork. If you have other. That’s a standalone license and will cause your network license to malfunction.

Click Refresh in Server Manager after removing any wrong file. Affects all clients License process not running on the server. Network Server Issues lists the most common problems and their solutions.

Could affect all clients, or only some clients Firewall forbidding communications between this client and the server. On the client, either open the appropriate ports or make PalFlexServer7. On the server, list both Palisade.

For more details, see Network Ports and Firewalls. Problem: When I try to start my Palisade software, I get the error message. Please see Cannot checkout an uncounted license The license for your Palisade software has been broken by an upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 8. If you can get into Help » License Manager, or if License Manager opens spontaneously, please follow the do-it-yourself license repair procedure.

If you can’t get into License Manager, please contact Palisade Technical Support to replace your inaccessible activatable license with a certificate license. They will want a screen shot of the error message, along with the appropriate version of Palisade diagnostics for your software:.

Authorization Failure. It seems like the installation of your software is damaged, probably caused by a Windows upgrade. If you think your antivirus is the reason why the error is showing up, you might need to disable some of its features. If that step does not work, you might have to remove your antivirus completely. Pro Tip: Run a dedicated PC optimization tool to get rid of incorrect settings, junk files, harmful apps, and security threats that can cause system issues or slow performance.

That may suggest that your file system transaction is possibly corrupted. Hence, you need to clear your system log. Sometimes, error appears because there are problems in your system registry, which you can fix through proper modification. Follow the steps below to know how:.

You can also fix error by simply running the app in Compatibility Mode. Although this feature is designed for older apps, you can use it for newer ones, too. To run an app in Compatibility mode, do the following:. To resolve the issue, they had to install the missing components manually. My question is, how can I Hence, Office cannot be validated. Can you please help me fix this? Thank you! Users found this page by searching for:. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Since there are quite a few articles on our site that tell in general about using this text editor and specifically about fixing problems in its work, we will divide this material into two parts – general and additional. In the first, we will consider situations in which the program does not work, does not start, and in the second, we will briefly go through the most common errors and failures.

System File Checker is a Windows utility that allows users to check and repair corrupted Windows system files. To do this, follow these steps:. As I wrote above, you need to completely remove the remnants of the previously installed package.

This can only be done by a special utility. From the link below you can download a utility that completely removes all remnants of Microsoft Office This helps the active antivirus product detect malicious documents that hide malicious code using, for example, document encryption.

This scan occurs on all versions of Office documents and can delay opening each document by up to 1 second. If the Install button is greyed out or greyed out, you don’t have an active Office subscription. For the home version, you can update it manually, and for the enterprise version, you can connect to the administrator. To understand the cause of the error, go to the Windows event log.

If the error occurs again, restart the computer and then check that the fp4autl. Over the long history of Office, several versions of applications have been released, named after the year the program was released. As the products were released, the functionality improved and the design of the working environment changed, and accordingly the methods of installing the program on a computer differed.

The instructions will cover the process of installing programs in , the kit is installed in a similar way, but is not presented in this installer.

At the moment, these are the latest versions of the office suite with the most advanced functionality. It is worth considering that Office can only be installed on the Windows 10 operating system. This is due to the fact that new libraries and modules have appeared in version 10 of the OS that programs such as Word, Access and Outlook use for their work.



How do I fix error ? · Install Windows updates. · Install or update the latest Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. · Run the installer in. “The ultimate fix is to rename or delete HKLM\software\microsoft\AppModel This works every time. Deleting it hasn’t had any negative effects so.


Microsoft office 2013 installation error 1935 free


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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Office Installation Error. Thread starter Ssyed Start date Jun 19, Status This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. The original thread starter may use the Report button to request it be reopened посетить страницу anyone else with a similar issue should start a New Thread.

Watch our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site. Ssyed Thread Starter. Joined Jun 4, Messages Here is my System Info, if ocfice helps. I have Office already installed and I want to upgrade installatin Office However, the green installation fre gets to the end, and then it starts going backwards!!! Rolling back changes. I have attached pictures of both error messages. Macboatmaster Trusted Advisor. Spam Fighter.

Joined Jan 14, Messages 25, Try installing with McAfee disabled If that fails have you followed this нажмите для продолжения 2. Providing you have the means fre reinstall office – in case it goes wrong follow this procedure If you have multiple versions of Office installed errpr the system then, uninstall all the microsoft office 2013 installation error 1935 free of Office microsoft office 2013 installation error 1935 free on the system, boot the system in clean boot mode and then try to install Office Professional Plus program and check: Step 1: Use the Microsoft Fixit tool to remove the older version of Office microsoft office 2013 installation error 1935 free on the computer from the following article.

Step 2: Run the automated troubleshooter from the following article instalation remove all traces of the new Office installed on the system. Step 3: Boot the intsallation in clean boot and then try to install the Office program and check: Clean boot is performed to disable all startup programs and 3rd party on the machine and check if they are conflicting with the Office installation.

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